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Welcome to Limousine Services in Toronto, where we offer you with a variety of limo services throughout Toronto and the GTA in a wide assortment of services including wedding limousines in Toronto, prom limo rentals in Toronto and night out limousine services. Our limousine services for a night out limo includes birthday party limousines, bachelor and bachelorette party limousine services and more. We have the right type of limousine fleet for your occasions including traditional sedan style limos for your airport limousine services, providing you with pick up and drop off airport limousine fleet accounts to Pearson airport and Toronto island city airport.

We also offer you with traditional stretch limousines in black and white that are perfect for a wedding limousine and a night out limo rental in Toronto to enjoy a sporting event or a live concert event limousine service. We offer you with professional limousine services throughout Toronto and the GTA, including Pickering, Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax and all of the Durham region to name a few. Our SUV stretch limousines are great for a prom limousine rental in Toronto and a Toronto wedding limousine service.

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Lastly, we have limousine buses and party bus limousines in Toronto, capable of holding from 20 – 50 passengers, depending on the type of limousine fleet that you are looking to rent. These limos are great for casino day trips, and for large wedding parties, where you want to offer your wedding party with a luxurious limousine ride throughout the day.

Party Bus Limousines in Toronto

We feel that with our combination of service and limousine fleet choices, you will be sure to find a limousine that is right for you regarding our wedding limousines and our prom limo services. We also strongly encourage you to book a limousine early to avoid any disappointments when it comes to choosing the limousine that is right for you. Although we have a variety of different limousine available, there can come a time when there is a lot of booking at one time, thus leaving you without the opportunity to get the limousine that you are interested in.

However, with booking early, you will be ensuring that there is the limo that is for you, and you may even get a premium price, depending on any specials that will offer you at a given time. Our booking agents are experienced and will treat you with patience when it comes to booking a limo with Limousine Services Toronto. Whether you are renting a limousine for the first time, or if you are just looking to get a series of questions answered by our agents, we will make sure that your experience is a positive one.

We have many limo fleet as you can see, with each one pertaining to the right type of limousine service that is right for you, that is why, we will be here to help you get the right type of limousine including sedan style limos, stretch limousine either in black or white, SUV stretch limousines and limousine buses and party buses.

Wedding Limousine Services

Wedding Limousine ServicesWeddings are amongst the most important functions that happen in our lives. Anybody who is planning for a bridal needs to make it as perfect as possible. Whenever there is a big event, individuals will always search for the best means they can have fun. These days, most look forward to getting limo services for their special events. There has been an increasing trend in the use of Limos for wedding reasons. Back in the days, Limos were just meant for high government officials and large corporation owners. These days, Limos have become a sign of pride and comfort in the society.

In terms of planning the perfect wedding ceremonial, there are facts that seem to slip-up past even the very prepared bride. But in association to the facts with the wedding limousine services, there usually is not a problem lest the bride disremembered and waited till the quite last hour to book a Toronto wedding limo. If that ever occurs to you, you might well get yourself in fate and have no difficulty getting exactly what you want for you special wedding date. But, there is surely usually that opportunity that you might discover your choices limited and you mind end up actually unhappy with the choices available to you for that wedding limos provider. Read more

Prom Limousine Services

Prom Limousine ServicesProm evening is a vital dance for secondary school senior classes. Most teens will arrange everything to make this occasion an extremely special event, they will see to it everything is set up such like the shoes, dress, and the likes. And obviously, they have to see to it that they will show up to the occasion with a date. That is a section of the occasion, walking in the ball with their date. There are factors to take into account when planning for the prom evening and one of which is transport. Of course, you need to make your special occasion to be unforgettable and with a lot of fun, so you have to get a means that can make it even very special. You and your pals can plan to reserve a limo service.

A unique prom limo is a good way to go around on a prom night. The Toronto limo firms do it every year, helping thousands of high school students across the town. They are prepared, are you? When to book- It is good to book for your prom limos one to two months prior to the occasion. Toronto limo firms are usually flooded when prom rolls round and those who wait till the last hour will wound up with maybe an expensive limousine (heavy payments are attached as a result of demand) or no limousine. Read More

Night Out Limousine Services

Night Out Limousine ServicesWhen you need a limo for any event, decide on which company you will hire a limo. Search everywhere and you will come up with a solution. When you have a business meeting and you want it to be held outside your company, go for corporate limo service and get a limo. A limo will make your employees feel appreciated. There are some requirements which must be there in a limo which makes it unique. A night out limo service company must have a chauffeur who must be trained, qualified experienced. A good chauffeur must be licensed and he must be familiar with the place- he will show you all the directions in the city.

Limos the best vehicles to stand out with in a crowd when you have a special event like wedding or even prom nights. They not only provide you with decent exteriors but will also make your day memorable and worthwhile. Here are some tricks on how to negotiate for the right and affordable rates. First, you are supposed to look out for different companies that offer night out limos services before you start negotiating. You are supposed to enquire if they offer something else apart from the service. Read More

Airport Limousine Services

Airport Limousine ServicesIf you are planning Airport Limo Services in Toronto and since there is no time to waste, you choose to hire a cab. All the bad things occur at the urgent moments, and there comes the traffic-jam and hurry driving of your taxi driver. Finally, when you arrive at the airfield, you get a trauma to know that you missed your plane. This scenario is normal in our hectic lives. Do not mind, if this has occurred to you, think of it like a wild dream. If you do not want to get such bad dreams again for all your future airport journeys, hire a Toronto airport limo services, and forget about all your fears and tensions. Read More

Enjoy an outing to watch one of the major sporting teams in Toronto with the enjoyment of your friends and the luxury of a limousine ride. We all know how expensive things can add up when you have to drive down to watch your favourite hockey team play, and that is why Limousine Services Toronto will provide you with a great limousine experience for your sporting event outing.

From designating one place for a pick up and a drop off, we ask you gather all your friends together, so when it comes time to head down to the arena or stadium, leave everything to us. This way, everyone saves in the end because you will all be contributing towards the cost of the limousine, without having to worry about parking, driving down one by one, and consuming gas at the same time. The same applies to a live concert in downtown Toronto as well.

Your favourite artist is in town, and you are looking forward to riding down in style, and with a limousine fleet from Limousine Services Toronto, you will find the right choice and the perfect opportunity to fully experience something incredible; attending a live concert of your favourite artist and riding in style with a limousine in Toronto.

Other areas that we specialize in dedicated limousine service within Toronto and the GTA is providing you with limo tours in Toronto and within Niagara Falls as well. With our Niagara tour limo service, you will be able to experience a great wine tour in the Niagara-on-the-lake region, while also being able to experience the beauty of Niagara Falls and all that there comes with it.

Along with enjoying Niagara Falls, you can also enjoy a casino day trip from Toronto to Niagara Falls, and Casino Rama in Orillia as well. Our limousine buses and party bus tours are perfect for gathering friends and family, and spending the day together celebrating an outing at a casino of your choice. You may simply want to be taken to Woodbine for a day, or be driven down to Niagara Falls to enjoy a day at the casino there. Whatever the case may be, we will make sure that you and all your friends and family will enjoy themselves when it comes to a casino limo day trip and a Niagara wine tour limousine ride.

So when you are ready to reserve a limousine in Toronto, choose the one limo company that will provide you with a nice combination of great limousine service, options of many different packages, great for your wedding limo in Toronto and your Toronto prom limo, and getting a limousine chauffeur that you will be impressed with. All from Limousine Services in Toronto, providing you with great limousine services in Toronto and throughout the GTA.